We're looking to team up with awesome brands to create better live music.

The Dream Sponsor (1 Available)

We'd love to exclusively team up with a growing brand looking to cater to our audience (18-30 year olds interested in live music events). This brand would receive space on the front page of our website, their name would be featured on all events we put on through January 1st, 2016 (approximately 24 events). We would not solicit any other sponsors. Logo and messaging will appear on any advertising and media related to events we throw and we'd actively look for other opportunities to promote your brand. A great example of this type of sponsorship is Squarespace and The Wild Honey Pie. This website is powered by Squarespace because of that sponsorship.

Event Sponsor - July 4th Silent Disco (2 Available)

We're curating the only programming that the City of Pittsburgh will have in Point State Park after the 4th of July Fireworks. An estimated 10,000 people will be in attendance, making this one of the largest events over July 4th weekend in the city of Pittsburgh. 

Event Sponsors will be featured on advertising and all related media for the event. At the actual event sponsor logos will appear on banners above and to the sides of the stage. We'll also think of creative ways to give event sponsors more exposure at the actual event. 

Concert Series Sponsor (1 Available)

FoundSound will be throwing events on the first Saturday of every month, starting on July 4th. Our concert series sponsor will be featured on our website and will also have their logo/messaging attached to all six events on the first Saturday of every month, including the July 4th show. We will also actively search for additional/creative ways to promote this brand throughout the year. Our concert series sponsor will also receive all of the benefits of the event sponsors at the July 4th show, and will receive similar promotion at subsequent events in the series.

If you have other ideas about how to team up with us, please reach out! We're open to anything and anyone who's interested in helping create great live music. 

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