AyOH, Wreck Loose, and Donora at Brillobox 10/16

Brillo was comfortably packed on a chilly Friday night, the crowd unsurprisingly consisting of its fair share of local musicians. Who could resist a $10 show with two local-favorites?

Chicago-based four-piece AyOH opened up the night with some spirited pop-rock, sung by Avi Dell. Dell mentioned that it was the band’s first time out in Pittsburgh, “But if there’s enough demand, we’ll come back tomorrow night!” Their set was particularly upbeat, due to the singer's undeniable yet subtly jolting energy. 

Shortly after, Wreck Loose wooed the head-bobbing crowd with its pop rock set (with a little country thrown in for good measure.) The audience was buzzing with excitement to see the band- and for good reason. The group was as tight as ever, the song “Hard Drugs” setting a high point of the night. The impassioned singer of AyOH showcased his longstanding friendship with singer Max Somerville of Wreck Loose when he parted the crowd to belt out one of their songs in the front row.

By the time Donora took the stage, the crowd was slightly more sparse and sedated for the trio's electro pop set, which singer Casey Hanner pointed out by slyly noting, “You guys are so polite tonight!” Nonetheless, the Pittsburgh group dished out a tight and energetic set as always, rounding the evening out at 1AM.