Scott and Rosanna @ Club Cafe- 5/23

I’ll preface this review with a quick personal comment- I’m not a fan of acoustic singer-songwriters.

As a musician, I’ve always preferred the sound of lush, dense instrumentation and acts that sound huge on stage. There’s a reason why I play in a jazz-fusion band, and have a severe Brian Wilson obsession.

With that being said, Scott and Rosanna utterly blew my preconceived and ignorant notions out of the water, opening my mind to what two immensely talented musicians could do on the stage.

On Friday May 27, Scott and Rosanna performed a riveting live set at Club Café, opening for Demos Papadimas. The duo performed an energetic blend of originals and re-imagined covers throughout the night, captivating the audience with their mature songwriting and raw talent.

Scott and Rosanna proved they were masters of their crafts, with songs that were as melodic as they were emotionally riveting and insightful.

The set started off with “Nothin to Do”, a narrative celebrating those moments of pure bliss when the day’s work is done. It should come as no surprise that Scott and Rosanna are both teachers, as their songs serve a deeper purpose than to merely entertain, but instead offer valuable lessons for their audience.

 Songs like “Changed My Life” and “Till You” demonstrated the deep love this engaged couple had for each other, and a powerful relationship that extended into their songs as well.

Perhaps it is this balance, this relationship that separate Scott and Rosanna from others in the pack.

This balance is best demonstrated instrumentally, with Scott primarily handling the guitar work and Rosanna taking lead vocals and auxiliary instruments. Although both parts of the duo are fantastic musicians (seriously Scott can shred and Rosanna can belt), they understand how to share the stage sonically.

Scott’s intricate guitar work is deceptively melodic, hinting at jazz, alternative rock, and everything in-between with his layered lines. Rosanna’s voice glides through the chords, both powerfully but delicately, truly conveying the emotion behind every lyric. Amazingly, neither musician conflicts with each other in their parts, but only strengthens the other with their respective instruments.

I cannot say enough how highly I recommend seeing this talented couple perform. I also encourage talking to them after the show if you can, because Scott and Rosanna are as humble and kind as they are talented. If you do manage to catch Scott and Rosanna live, you’ll not only hear some great music but will learn some valuable lessons along the way. 

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