Album Review: LOOM - Searights

Searight's new album, "LOOM," is available on Bancamp.

Searight's new album, "LOOM," is available on Bancamp.

Pittsburgh locals Searights have worked hard to hone their guitar-driven indie pop for LOOM, second release out Friday, Aug 26 on Bandcamp. The record's 10 tracks span solid indie rock and more experimental, instrumental tracks, all rooted in the tradition of guitar rock. Searights' two guitarists carry instrumental melodies and consistently push each song forward. 

LOOM comes about two years after Searights’ self-titled debut EP, released in September of 2014. In that time, the band has been ubiquitous in the Pittsburgh music scene. While their increased cohesiveness certainly shows in the new record, the band’s desire to put out a polished, professional product is clear. The Bandcamp description for the first EP reads, “recorded in basements, bathtubs and bedrooms,” while LOOM features a full credit list, including a studio and mastering house.

Standout, radio-ready tracks off of the album include "Let It Breathe" and "The Long Run," both featuring catchy, complex guitar parts that serve as a coherent backdrop for memorable lyrics. Influences as diverse as Real Estate and Oasis can be heard in many of the tracks, but come through loud and clear on "Slide Song."

Radio hits aside, LOOM's diverse song selection represents a full picture of what the band is capable of. Track three, "The Enterprise," features intricate layered guitar parts over a solid drum-and-bass groove sans vocals. The inclusion of an instrumental track so early in the album demonstrates their commitment to showcasing the many facets of their band. The result shows the band’s complexity and desire to capture a complete picture with this album.

Searights’ new album adds a lot to the increasingly accomplished Pittsburgh music scene. Their brand of guitar-driven yet sophisticated indie rock, and their commitment to playing shows, lands them a very comfortable spot in a Pittsburgh niche.

You can catch Searights at their album release show at Cattivo alongside Chet Vincent & The Big Bend, Pond Hockey and Emerson Jay on Friday, Aug. 26.