5 Songs for Something Else: Shane McLaughlin

When a musician plays, it can be difficult to discern the artist from the art. And it should. This may be stating the obvious, but (nearly) every stage performer is human. The artistic process behind the performance, however, is so often exotified. It's veiled behind the charisma and talent they put out during a show.  

5 Songs/Albums for Something Else begins to delve into how musicians listen to music and pick up inspiration when they’re doing, well, other stuff. What happens behind the scenes and how does hearing music play a role? What kind of music do these musicians listen to? How are their day-to-day lives impacted by the music of others?

Found Sound had the pleasure of speaking to Shane McLaughlin - singer, songwriter and guitarist for Manic Soul and Buffalo Rose - about the stuff he likes to listen to when he’s otherwise occupied. Shane is a kind-hearted soul (nowhere near manic), whose emotional depth and expressive execution make him one of the most well-respected young local artists.

1) Big Iron World by Old Crow Medicine Show

When I'm cleaning my house…

I always listen to this album when I’m cleaning my house. The Bluegrass-iness just makes me think “I’m a working man!” [Laughs.] It gets me going.

It’s easy for me to think “Aww, this is terrible” when I have to do something like this. I guess the blinding energy and the super bluegrass speed just keeps you focused on the rhythm of mopping. Gotta clean, clean, clean, you know? The natural feeling of that music - hollering about trains and such - fits really well with refining your abode.

2) “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye, as performed by Maceo Parker

When I need a smile on my face…

When I’m having a bad day, or really just anytime, I watch the video of Maceo playing this song live. That and the video for “Love on Top” by Beyonce (Music Video). Both of these videos make me giggle at just their sheer awesomeness. It’s just so good.

I have so many amazing memories of “Let’s Get It On.” That performance of it is incredible.

3)  "Outta Here" by Lettuce

When I'm driving…

I do a lot of listening and writing in the car. Playing loops and singing over them. You gotta love the energy of it - flying down the road jacked up on coffee.

I have this very distinct memory: It was when I first started listening to funk music. I must’ve been a freshman or a sophomore in college. I was driving through this small town in West Virginia and through Western Pa. I was just vibing out so hard to Lettuce’s first record, which had Fred Wesley, a dude who played with James Brown and Maceo [Parker], on it. It was the first instrumental album I really liked. The funk is great driving music.

4) “Shelter from the Storm” by Bob Dylan

When I need a recharge…

This song is definitely an emotional exhale sort of thing for me. There are one or two songs on that album [Blood on the Tracks] that I don’t particularly prefer. But still, it’s one of those albums for when you want some sort of comfort and consistency. Something you know really well, like a “going home” album.

I love, love, love Bob Dylan. My favorite song on the record is probably “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”. [“Shelter from the Storm”] is more like my “in love” song. More like universe and connection.

5) “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada

When I want to get people dancing…

I don’t know if I really want to share this [laughs]. There are these ridiculous songs I put on to dance. Whenever I’m at a party and I’m trying to get people to move, I put on this song or “See You Again” by Miley Cyrus (Music Video). That song [“Everytime We Touch”] is so good; I know all of the words.


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